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Academics (Asia pacific)| NRI of the year – 2017

The Erased Emissions

Creating a healthier environment

The Erased Emissions

At the age of 18, when most would have just entered graduate college, Suresh K Bhargava had already claimed his prodigy by completing Bachelors of Science & Masters of Science from Meerut University in India. Unsurprisingly, by the time he completed his PhD from the United Kingdom, Prof. Bhargava was one of the brightest minds on the subject of vehicular emissions – his field of study.

Suresh Bhargava

NRI of the Year 2017, Academics (Asia pacific)

As one of the top Science and Technology leaders in the Australian resource sector, Prof. Bhargava has been the recipient of several competitive Australian Research Council grants in collaboration with MNCs such as Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, Alcoa, Exxon Mobil, Southern Pacific Petroleum and also has 6 patents to his credit.

With multiple Fellowships, visiting professor positions in India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Japan, through numerous publications and through supervision of PhD projects, Prof Bhargava’s contribution to academics has been immense.

“The opportunities are endless and that is very exciting”

Prof Bhargava has won a plethora of awards – some of the most prestigious in science. He is the first RMIT researcher ever to receive RMIT University Vice-Chancellor’s-Research Excellence Award twice. He has also won in 2014 ‘P. C. Ray Chair’ awarded by the Indian National Science Academy. The award is one of India’s most prestigious honors for a foreign scientist.

But Prof. Bhargava takes immense pride in the Honoris Causa D.Sc. Degree (Rajasthan University, India – 2009) which was Presented by the President of India.

Prof. Bhargava is one of the scientific advisors to Indian Government and has immensely contributed in developing close partnership between India and Australia.
“The outlook is good for the future and various new rounds of research grants also have been introduced by Australia-India Strategic Research Fund in various areas of science, including chemical sciences,” he stated.

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