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Academics (UK) | NRI of the year – 2014

Solving health problems with technology

The Tech Doctor

Solving health problems with technology

When you start by doing what’s necessary, and then do what’s possible, suddenly you find yourself doing the impossible! And, it is Husain Haiderali Khaki’s work in the field of academics & philanthropy that stands as a testimony to this wonderful proverbial saying. Trained at the Imperial College (MBBS, BSc), Husain’s focus has been on addressing the world’s burgeoning health problems across infectious diseases and NCDs, through a host of digital health solutions such as mobile apps, wearables and big data analytics.

Husain Khaki

NRI of the Year 2014, Academics(UK)

Husain Khaki has always sought to embody the best of India’s culture and ethics and is takes immense pride in his Indian heritage. Many of his initiatives have focussed on solving India-centric problems such as mitigating the effects of malnutrition and reducing the prevalence and effects of Tuberculosis. Under the tutelage of Professor Ajit Lalvani, Husain has been actively contributing to improve India’s contribution to public health.

Currently a working junior doctor in London, Husain has attained a first class honours BSc degree in global health sciences and has had a stellar academic recording including merits, distinctions, scholarships & grants. Some of his awards include Mayor’s 800th Anniversary Award for exploring HIV-TB connectionin 2014, Student Innovations Prize 2014 at Imperial College, Cochrane Prize awarded by UK Faculty of Public Health in 2012, the Royal Society of Medicine Global Health Young Leaders Award in 2012 and the Gold CREST award for creativity in medicine in the year 2007.

In general, despite all challenges faced Husain remains resolved to improving the plight of the disadvantaged and have sought to work tirelessly towards this objective. He has been involved in a number of philanthropic initiatives at international level. Many of these have been self-financed and have become sustainable over time, with measurable outcomes. Serving as the education officer for Khaki Foundation, a non-profit organisation, Husain has been focussed on many catalytic projects in areas of education, charity, religion, science and literary purposes. His work has been instrumental in establishment of schools for orphans in India and mobile libraries across south-east asia.

Husain also takes an active interest in sharing his knowledge by way of teaching & mentoring. He has been appointed as the campus Ambassador for the Coexistence Trust# – a social project that seeks to improve relations with people of different faiths on university campuses in the UK and overseas

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