All of 15, Academician Kehkashan M Basu is an eco-warrior.
And a passionate one at that, who puts heart and soul into it.

Academician VN Teja is not just bullish about his grades.
He straddles the podium and the laboratory with equal poise.

Academician Sarthak Sinha is truly a modern phoenix.
An ex-freshmen at University of Toronto, he moves many Indians.

Meet Entrepreneur Harinderpal Banga promoter, Caravel Group.
Straddling myriad business interests, his is indeed a class act.

Entrepreneur Dr Ravi Pillai has sown business over 40 years.
He is touted as the single largest employer of Indians abroad.

Isn’t he part of the nation’s collective conscience?
We’re talking about 2014’s Global Icon of the Year, SRK himself.

They say, ‘Actions speak louder than words’.
Philanthropist Asha Seth is the living example of this adage.

Philanthropist Bharat Kumar’s lives a Good Samaritan’s life.
And this at a time when the world is extremely slim of hope.

Philanthropist Manjit Singh reinforces our faith in charity.
He ably carries quintessential Indian values on his shoulders.

Professional Anju Jaswal’s life is the stuff of modern folklore.
She epitomises the power that all working women crave for.