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Entrepreneur | Season 4

NRI Of The Year | Awards Season 4 – Grand Finale

All of 15, Academician Kehkashan M Basu is an eco-warrior. | And a passionate one at that, who puts heart and soul into it.

Academician VN Teja is not just bullish about his grades. | He straddles the podium and the laboratory with equal poise.

Academician Sarthak Sinha is truly a modern phoenix. | An ex-freshmen at University of Toronto, he moves many Indians.

Meet Entrepreneur Harinderpal Banga promoter, Caravel Group. | Straddling myriad business interests, his is indeed a class act.

Entrepreneur Dr Ravi Pillai has sown business over 40 years. | He is touted as the single largest employer of Indians abroad.

Isn’t he part of the nation’s collective conscience? | We’re talking about 2014’s Global Icon of the Year, SRK himself.

They say, ‘Actions speak louder than words’. | Philanthropist Asha Seth is the living example of this adage.

Philanthropist Bharat Kumar’s lives a Good Samaritan’s life. | And this at a time when the world is extremely slim of hope.