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One of the most coveted trophies among the global Indians, the NRI of the Year Statuette has stood on the mantels of many successful entrepreneurs, professionals, students, artists, philanthropists and startup founders

The trophy of NRI of the Year Awards is inspired from the legend of Hercules, the one who shouldered Mount Atlas, in sync with your attitude of shouldering your world in your pursuit of excellence. The trophy’s golden colour – the colour of the winner – is symbolic of your success, achievement and triumph in your chosen profession.

Since its inception, 60 of these lovely trophies have been handed over winners from US & Canada, United Kingdom & Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. This year too, achievements in 6 award categories from each geography will be honoured at the 5th NRI of the Year Awards presentation in Mumbai, India. Up to 24 glittering trophies are awaiting their chance to nest on your shelf and sit pretty among your list of achievements

Along with these competing awards, trophies will also be awarded to felicitate India’s most well known personalities in 3 categories: Global Impact Icon Award, Global Indian Awards & India’s Global Icon Award. Appreciatory in nature, and non-competing, these award categories are for successful resident Indians who have won many a hearts worldwide.