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WASHINGTON: Deep Saran, a democrat and an Indian-American educator will run for the US House of Representatives from a district in Virginia.

Saran, 45, is one of almost a dozen Democrats in the fray for the primary to earn the right to challenge the two- term Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock from the 10th Congressional District of Virginia.

“I’m a teacher, school founder, technology entrepreneur, lawyer, and child of immigrants from India,” Saran said on his campaign website.Saran said he would champion a national commitment for improved quality of public education — both in terms of accessibility and affordability.

“As the child of immigrants, I would push back against intolerance and hatred,” Saran said.Saran’s parents emigrated from India over 50 years ago. His father was a refugee during India’s partition.
He founded and runs a school, ‘Loudoun School for the Gifted’.

Saran holds a degree in political science from University of Maryland and attended law school at Georgetown University.

He was previously a corporate attorney for large firms in Baltimore and Chicago but left private legal practise to study how children learn and to work on a PhD in Human Development at University of Maryland.

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