Registration closed for season 5

The NRI of the Year Awards for Philanthropists celebrate the spirit of philanthropic engagement of the Global Indians with various communities of their host countries

The awards are given to Humanists, Activists, Altruists, etc. who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the community through various means such as direct finance, support of charitable programs, engineering & leading public awareness campaigns, fund-raising, empowering minorities, supporting less-advantaged genders & children, spearheading initiatives in health, education, medicine, through volunteering work or through demonstrating leadership in philanthropy.

The following can participate in NRI of the Year Awards – Philanthropy:

  • Individuals who have taken initiatives for empowerment of minorities, women, children , community or initiatives taken in the field of health, education etc.
  • Participant must be associated with one or multiple registered trust, charity or not for profit organization for a minimum of 2 years as on December 31, 2017
  • A declaration  needs to be produced printed on the NGO/Trust/NPO letter head stating the association with the participant  and the duration of the same
  • It Is mandatory to submit proof of achievements mentioned in the case study for jury’s evaluation For eg: Newspaper articles, layouts, client letters etc, photographs, videos etc

‘Philanthropy’ category at NRI of the year awards is open to NRIs/ PIOs/ OCIs residing across any of the countries in the below mentioned geographies. One award will be given in each of the below mentioned geographies:

  • America (Canada, USA)
  • Europe (United Kingdom)
  • Middle-East (Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE)
  • Asia-Pacific (Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore)

Award categories