NRI Of The Year Awards for Philanthropy | America, UK, Middle East & Asia Pacific

Humanists, activists, philanthropists, social scientists, good Samaritans, those who lead candle-light vigils, walk right in

We’re open to individuals who have taken up cudgels for empowering minorities, less-advantaged genders, socially ostracised and abandoned people, animals, (indeed the entire environment), children, less-advantaged sections and communities, set up committees that address work-related abuse, or spearheaded initiatives in the field of health, education, medicine, philanthropy etc. So, please register if yours are the hands that have wiped tears, extended help to those slim of hope or been the beacon of courage in dark hours to both resident and migrant communities in your host countries.

  • Participant must be associated with a registered trust, charity or not-for-profit organization for a minimum of 2 years as on June 30, 2015.

Given our largesse of heart, we like spreading out and opening our arms. Thus, the ‘Philantrophy’ category at NRI of the year awards is open to people residing across the four geographies America (Canada, USA), Asia-Pacific (Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore), Middle-East (Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE) and the United Kingdom & Europe. In each of these geographies, we’ll give away one award in academics. In other words, there will be a total of 4 awards up for grabs in the ‘Philantrophy’ category alone. Starting that night, there’ll be 4 fresh beacons of knowledge to dispel the darkness of ignorance