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The NRI of the Year Awards for Art & Culture are bestowed upon those who have proved their mettle in the performing and non-performing arts

The awards are given to those artists for their outstanding contribution to art & culture in their host countries. Open to professions such as acting, theatre, mime, stand-up comic, magic, dance, music, painting, sculpturing, literature and translation, these awards recognise artists who have made an indelible contribution to their host country’s cultural life.

Participation in NRI of the Year Awards – Art & Culture is open to:

  • Individuals who have achieved high level of success by demonstrating their talent to perform as an artist of music, art, theatre, painters ,handicraft designers, actors  etc
  • Participants must be an artist by profession. No other profession participants are allowed (eg. writers, film makers ,artist educator , any media & entertainment organisation employee, PR agencies employees etc)
  • It is mandatory for participants to submit a 2-3 minutes Youtube video link showcasing their talent
  • All the  soft copies awards & recognition mentioned by the artist in the application form needs to be attached while submitting the application form on the portal

‘Art & Culture’ category at NRI of the year awards is open to NRIs/ PIOs/ OCIs residing across any of the countries in the below mentioned geographies. One award will be given in each of the below mentioned geographies:

  • America (Canada, USA)
  • Europe (United Kingdom)
  • Middle-East (Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE)
  • Asia-Pacific (Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore)

Award categories